Our aim is innovation, and our strategy is research and development. FX-AA's objective is to focus on R&D for car products, primarily lighting, with the purpose of:

1) Developing solutions to existing technology;
2) Designing cutting-edge equipment; and
3) Opening new markets for our partners to foster their growth.

Our team at FX-AA has been highly involved in the industry working closely with high end manufacturers from around the world; researching the car enthusiast market continuously; and developing improved quality and design in HIDs and LEDs.We are also a proud member of Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA).

This has earned us respect from our customers within the US and in Latin America. Our customers proudly consider us a Miami-based company expert in automotive lighting. Our commitment to serve our partners and customers has positioned us as a leading brand of HID Conversion Kits and Automotive LED Lighting in the US and Latin America.

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